Chocolate Club (The)

Mary Weeks MillardSKU: TCC4413



Instead of being the saddest Christmas of her life, Rosanna’s big idea transforms it into a wonderful time, not only for her own family but also for two disadvantaged families.

The friendship between the children develops into a club – The Chocolate Club. They have fun and adventures together as they learn to pray and see miracles happen.

 About the Author:

Mary Weeks Millard began writing after she was widowed in 2000. She remarried Rev. Malcolm Millard and they live in retirement, in Weymouth. Mary has three married children and five grandchildren. For the past ten years she has been involved in short term missionary work in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi using her nursing and health education skills. After many years of involvement in Sunday school and Bible Class teaching she now enjoys writing books to encourage young people to grow in the Christian faith.


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