And God made the beasts...

Alison Brown | Read and Respond

ISBN: 9781846256011 | Day One Code: D6011


When did dinosaurs live? Can we believe everything we read about them? Are they ever mentioned in the Bible?

Children ask us these important questions & they deserve honest answers.  If we shroud the dinosaur issue in mystery or suggest that the Bible says nothing about it we encourage young enquiring minds to doubt the authority & relevancy of God's Word.  Scripture paints the backdrop, sets the scene & unravels the drama of the dinosaur very simply

About the Author:

Alison Brown is a children’s writer/ illustrator. Living in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland she is a former primary school teacher, and is married to David, with five grown-up children. She loves the book of Genesis and longs that today's children would be taught its foundational truths.

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