Breaking the Silence on Child Abuse

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ISBN: 9781846256066 | Day One Code: BTS6066


From the moment this book was first conceived by Robert, I knew it was a must for Christian workers, victims and abusers. It is both heart-breaking and heart-warming, practical and emotional. It transforms a victim into a thriver. My prayer is that this book will reach the hearts of many, not only across the prison estate, but society as a whole. CPR will issue this book as a compulsory read for all its associates and staff. I recommend other Christian organisations and churches do the same. A study booklet will also be available later in 2018 that will benefit victims, abusers and workers.                                          David Fortune, Director of Ministry for Christian Prison Resourcing

About the Author:

The author has over thirty years pastoral experience in four different churches. He was a teacher for fifteen years and now works with men in different settings, inside & outside prison. He has been married to Sue for forty years, has five children & seven grandchildren


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