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Surprise package is the story of how a Christian couple dealt with the initial heartache and disappointment of having a child with Down's Syndrome. Wonderfully frank, it deals with their struggle to accept this gift from God, and chronicles the highs and lows of coping with a special needs child. When Heidi becomes desperately ill, both Steve and his wife Liz are overwhelmed and sustained by God's caring provision. Surprise package is a rollercoaster ride of tears and laughter; the story of an ordinary family with an extraordinary child. This new, updated and expanded edition contains further insights into Heidi's development, and the joys and challenges she continues to bring her family.


‘The Crowter family have been very brave in sharing their story and in doing so have served the church in being so honest and open. They tackle the issues of why God allowed them to have a baby with such needs in a way which is helpful and glorifying to God. important book for all believers to read. Those in pastoral ministry would gain from the insight it gives to the challenges facing families having a child with special needs’

—Evangelicals Now 

 As a new parent who had just had a baby with Down's syndrome, it was helpful and encouraging to read the thoughts and experiences another family were going through.  It was compulsive reading as I read about the highs and lows of having a child with Down's syndrome and had a positive impact on my outlook on life after having a baby with Down's syndrome

—Jo Yarnall, leader of PROUD Down’s syndrome support group

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