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Over recent years there has been a growing concern for the health of gospel churches. This is to be applauded wherever it is found. But very often that concern has come down to the introduction of a few new items to the church agenda – a Christian foundations course here or a discipleship course there.  However, the agenda of this book is different. The vision of this book, which we believe is a New Testament vision, is that the whole way a church should be formed, run and led should work for the health of all its members and for the thriving of the church as a
community of God’s people. It is a church with an intentional mind-set throughout. It is a church where all the dots are joined-up.  The church of Christ will be completely pure only in the New Creation. But local churches are to be a colony of that ‘Pure Church’ now, here on earth. This book is a call to work towards that purity.

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